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The Pandemic Remade Society. Now It's the Climate's Turn

The intertwining of the economy and climate change promises to alter the shape of global politics and society for the foreseeable future.

Benevolent - Be Benevolent

Make your giving personal. Be part of someone's story today.

Bezos acknowledges Amazon needs to do ‘a better job’ for employees after union vote

The Amazon chief executive offers his first thoughts on the high-profile union vote at the e-commerce giant's Bessemer, Ala., warehouse in his annual shareholder letter.

Montana housing market booming, but who's moving here? | KECI
Democrats to introduce legislation to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices

Democrats will introduce legislation to expand the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices Thursday.

Calendso | The Open Source Calendly Alternative

Self-hosted or hosted by us. White-label by design. API-driven and ready to be deployed on your own domain. You are in control of your events and data.

Central Labor Councils – California Labor Federation

There are 23 central labor councils (CLCs) in California. These regional coordinating bodies bring unions from many industries together to take action on local and statewide issues. Labor councils organize, mobilize, and give working families a voice in the political process.

What We Do – California Labor Federation

The California Labor Federation is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, our affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.

Olson Remcho Represents California Rideshare Drivers, Unions in Push to Show Prop 22 Violates State Constitution | Olson Remcho

Olson Remcho is co-counsel for the SEIU and other plaintiffs in this case. Set out below is the SEIU press release.  Service Employees International Union FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 11, 2021 Contact: Matt Lopez,, 805-377-2950. . . in a democracy, corporations shouldn’t get the final say in determining our laws . . . SAN

Gig Drivers Revive Proposition 22 Challenge in California (2)

The California ballot measure bankrolled by Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc., and DoorDash Inc. that allows their drivers to be classified as independent contractors is unconstitutional, according to a lawsuit refiled in state court on Thursday.

SEIU California | About SEIU CA

SEIU California is our statewide political voice, dedicated to building a better California by fighting for policies and candidates who benefit working families and advance the issues we care about. Our mission is to set statewide priorities and exercise power to increase economic fairness for working people, ensure high quality services and create a well-funded, equitable, just and prosperous California.

EcoCart raises $3 million for a Honey-like browser extension to offset shoppers’ carbon emissions – TechCrunch

EcoCart, a company pitching consumers on ways to offset their carbon emissions for free at select merchants (with a browser extension!) has raised $3 million in financing from Base10 Partners. Brands pay the company a commission to drive traffic to their websites under a standard affiliate marketing model and EcoCart uses a portion of the […]

Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers: The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing

Private-sector union decline since the late 1970s has contributed to wage losses among workers who do not belong to a union. This is especially true for men, particularly non–college graduates. For nonunion private-sector men without a bachelor’s degree or more education, weekly wages would be an estimated 8 percent ($58) higher in 2013 if union density remained at its 1979 levels. These lost wages due to declining union power eclipse non–college graduates’ estimated 5 percent wage loss from increased trade with low-wage nations, signaling that decline in union power must receive more attention in the debate over wage stagnation and growing inequality.

Welcome to Zoom Town, USA - Marketplace

Small towns, inundated with remote workers during the pandemic, have come to be known as "Zoom towns." Also on today's show: Why inflation numbers are gonna be wonky for awhile, and what happened to America's public toilets.

What's In Biden's $400 Billion Plan To Support Families' Long-Term Health Needs

Long-term care options are expensive and often out of reach for elders and people with disabilities. Part of the president's proposed infrastructure plan would help fund home-based health services.

The Ponzi Career

The future of work is a pyramid scheme, where every person sells his favorite person to the next person.

Project Pura

Let's make an impact together.

Increment: Topics

Increment is a print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale.

Uber and the problem of Silicon Valley's bro culture

"They never functioned like mature, responsible companies." —Sarah Lacy, tech reporter

The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union affiliate that represents over 80,000 For-Hire Vehicle drivers in New York City and advocates for more than 250,000 across NY, NJ, CT and IL. We are Uber, Lyft and Via workers united for a fair industry.

Uber owes $20 million for greatly exaggerating how much its drivers really make

The math just didn’t add up.

How Much Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Make?

How much can you make driving for Uber, Lyft or other ridesharing services? Not a whole heck of a lot. Learn why now.

Features - Gridwise

Thousands of rideshare and delivery drivers increase their earnings with these features Track your mileage and performance Track your mileage Effortlessly track all of your rideshare and delivery miles and maximize your tax deduction Analyze your earnings Compare your earnings across rideshare and delivery services Community comparison Compare your performance to other drivers in the […]

Are Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment?

EVs produce fewer emissions overall than their gas-powered counterparts, but there are caveats

Why Amazon Workers in Alabama Voted Against Union

Amazon workers in Alabama said they had broad concerns about job security and grew convinced that their pay and benefits might not markedly increase with the help of a union.

Democrats Tie Infrastructure Package to Unionization Push

The business community, labor groups and progressives are squaring off over the PRO Act, which would make it easier for gig workers and other independent contractors to unionize.

Crowdfunding's awesome month - Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, April 7 – “Regulation crowdfunding” investments raised $60 million last month, led by offerings like Arlan Hamilton’s Backstage Capital and online digital ...

More than 100 corporate executives hold call to discuss halting donations and investments to fight controversial voting bills

Executives from major airlines, retailers and manufacturers – plus at least one NFL owner – talked about potential ways to show they opposed the controversial legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills and even delaying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures

Amazon (AMZN) Workers in Alabama Vote Against Union in Blow for Labor Movement - Bloomberg
Amazon wins

NFTs Work For Digital Art. They Also Work Perfectly For Real Estate.

I quote Tim Draper: “I am excited about how NFTs in the virtual world are going to be applied to real estate in the physical world. I suspect that people will soon be able to buy a building, buy the air rights and buy the virtual rights of any physical space. The future is awesome.”

An obvious point that took me way too long to a... - on Twitter

An obvious point that took me way too long to appreciate: in software engineering, you should probably optimize for speed even when you don't have to, because it's one of the easiest/best ways to prioritize subtraction and parsimony in the solution space.

Cooperative Rideshare Platforms Aim to Free Drivers From Uber and Lyft - The Reboot

Experimental, community-based rideshare alternatives reflect the potential and promise of creating equitable alternatives to Uber and Lyft.

With valuations on US startups skyrocketing, SPACs are starting to shop overseas

Startups are being acquired at sky-high prices as SPACs compete to buy them, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence's 451 Research.

A Fifth of YC Startups Fail [Data Analysis] | by Frederik Bussler | DataDrivenInvestor

Y Combinator is a renowned incubator, located in the startup capital of the world, Silicon Valley. Twice a year, they provide world-class mentorship, a powerful investor network, and $125K to a…

Unions by the Numbers: 2021 Edition

It’s that time of year when the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its annual report detailing, at least numerically, where unions currently stand in America. Relative to years past, there is some favorable data for unions in this year’s report.

Global Venture Funding Hits Record High in 2021’s First Quarter

Venture funding is up, and unicorns and crypto companies are riding the wave

Tell the Story | is a software tool that allows you to easily tell better stories by giving you the best workflow from strategy to storytelling.

A penny for your trees

A new initiative empowers Americans to invest in the environment by planting trees with spare change.

Natural Climate Solutions Win Big in First Bezos Grants - Ecosystem Marketplace

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced the first $791 million of his $10 billion in climate largesse. Most of the money will go to larger, established NGOs active in natural climate solutions, but some newcomers are included as well.

DoorDash Workers Are Trying to Game the Algorithm to Increase Pay - Bloomberg
Making Carbon Markets Work for Faster Climate Action

As part of ambitious decarbonization plans, offsetting is a near-term solution to closing the emissions gap

Researchers Map Out 2.2 Billion Acres of Land Where New Trees Can be Planted

Despite massive deforestation, there are still billions of acres available to plant new trees.

The Real Trees Delivering Fake Climate Progress for Corporate America - Bloomberg
Tesla files a petition against U.S. labor board order

Tesla Inc has filed an appeal on a U.S. National Labor Relations Board ruling that the electric-car maker had violated U.S. labor law, and on the agency's order that Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk delete a tweet from the account.

21 Google Cloud products, each explained in less than 2 minutes | Google Cloud Blog

Need a quick overview of Google Cloud core technologies? Quickly learn these 21 Google Cloud products—each explained in under two minutes.

50 shades of green: Private equity piles into ESG-tied lending

Private equity firms are increasingly using credit lines to achieve green goals

The Lyft app will offer autonomous Hyundai Ioniq 5 EVs from 2023

Hyundai's handsome Ioniq 5 electric car will be ditching the driver, with Motional announcing the autonomous Lyft vehicles it's developing will be based on the

10 largest US warehouses under construction are for Amazon; except one! — Warehouse Automation

Top 10 industrial US projects under construction


Most of our seeds are collected by local villagers from nearby remnant forests. If required to supplement the collected seeds, seeds are purchased from local, trusted seed banks. We never purchase seedlings; we grow our own in our nurseries to ensure quality and germination rates.

One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Non-Profit: One Dollar, One Tree

One Tree Planted is a non-profit 501(c)3 environmental tree planting charity that plant trees in countries around the world. One dollar plants one tree.

Forester who planted 2 million trees uproots for next adventure

The total number of trees Gretchen Fitzgerald has helped plant in the San Juan National Forest during her time as a forester for the U.S. Forest...

Silicon Valley's essential workers form new group, fight for rights - San José Spotlight

A group of six essential workers and labor leaders stood in front of McDonnell Hall in San Jose Wednesday—the same church labor activist Cesar Chavez started his now-iconic labor organizing more than 50 years prior. The workers are looking to craft the future of the labor movement among essential workers for the next 50 years, starting with...

10 reasons why I'm a convert to (nature-based) carbon offsets

**All views expressed here are my own and do not represent the official views of any of the organisations that I have worked for or are mentioned in this blog.  There’s been a lot of heated recent debate about the use of voluntary carbon offsets to tackle the climate emergency.

Your Best Network — Choose Possibility

We’ve been taught to aggressively network with others and be ready for serendipity to provide our next opportunity. This framework will help you understand the nuances in your professional relationships and how leverage them at the right time.

R&D Tax Credit for Startups

Netflix Targets Net-Zero Carbon Footprint by End of 2022

Netflix plans to hit net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2022, including by running more eco-friendly film and TV productions.

Forget Moore’s Law. Algorithms drive technology forward - Stack Overflow Blog

Moore's law enables great progress, but often it's the underlying algorithms that drive computer science forward.

Institutions - Ethic

Transform your sustainability thought leadership into action. Join the forward-thinking institutional investors that are driving the shift to a sustainable future. We empower you to create custom enhanced index equity portfolios centered around your own proprietary sustainability lens.

Director of Sustainability - Nature & Climate

McDonald's Global Impact team is aligned around a mission to make McDonald’s one of the most respected, trusted, and admired brands in the world. We will do this through actions to drive responsible business growth, investments to foster community, values-based advocacy, and compelling communic...

Bumped: Reward in ownership

Bumped helps turn your everyday spending into free stock ownership by rewarding you in fractional shares of stock. Shop online with about 1,000 brands and get rewarded in the stock you want to own.

The Three Elements of Netflix’s Climate Target: Reduce, Retain, Remove

“Netflix’s Sustainability Strategy is music to our ears. We are delighted to see Netflix apply the same positive disruption to sustainability that they’ve applied in their business, upping the ambition for achieving near-term net zero targets and harnessing its superpower of storytelling to educate

Been thinking a lot about NFTs and the real wor... - on Twitter

Been thinking a lot about NFTs and the real world application beyond the initial hype ... it appears to me that one of the best applications of the technology is in the future of event ticketing and that there is likely no one better to bring it to life than @Ticketmaster. 1/13

This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by... - Andrew Wilkinson on Twitter

This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid. Ten. Million. Dollars. Literally up in smoke. Money bonfire. That’s enough to retire with $250,000+ in annual income. Here’s what happened…

Roll Up Vehicles | AngelList Venture

Roll Up Vehicles allow founders to efficiently raise capital from up-to 250 accredited investors with a single entry on the cap table

Guy Lists 40 Ways In Which Amazon Exploits Its Employees And It’s Terrifying

“Amazon full-time warehouse employees make $31,200 a year. Jeff Bezos makes that every 12 seconds.”

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The original seed for ImpactKarma™ was planted during Global Climate Week 2019, when co-founder Kedar Karkare realized that while he considered himself a “conscious consumer,” there wasn’t actually any way for him to measure the impact of his purchases.How could the average consumer know if they were shopping with a “good” brand? One that was taking care of the world and supporting ethical workplace practices? What if we could measure a company not by its credit score, but by its impact score?Kedar brought the initial idea to his co-founder and father, Jayant Khadilkar…and ImpactKarma™ was born. The goal: to build a more sustainable world by making it easier to do the right thing.

Welcome | KarmaWallet

The ImpactIndex is similar to getting a credit score, except for social and environmental impact. See your ImpactIndex, compare it to other users and work on improving it.


Get instant sustainability scores while you shop, so you can be sure your choices are well-informed and aligned to your values.

BlackRock Launches Green Bond and Climate Risk-Focused Global Government Bond ETFs - ESG Today

Investment giant BlackRock announced the launch of two ESG-focused fixed income exchange traded funds, including its first green bond fund, and an industry-first world government bond climate fund. The iShares € Green Bond UCITS ETF (GRON) and iShares Global Govt Bond Climate UCITS ETF (CGGD) are listed on the Xetra and Euronext exchanges, respectively. GRON […]

Research: Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Products

Sustainability-marketed products are growing quickly in almost all CPG categories.

Home | Close The Gap

   Empowering underrepresented voices   Impact Hub and adidas have partnered to support impact-oriented entrepreneurs who are from and/or work with underrepresented communities and are addressing challenges in education and sport. Apply Now THE PROGRAM The Close the Gap Program has ended an ...

PropTech and the Future of Real Estate

From Co-Working to Co-Living, iBuying to Marketplaces, Tenant Engagement Apps to Data Strategies… if it connects Real Estate with Technology, we cover it here.

‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination’: the scientists turning the desert green

In China, scientists have turned vast swathes of arid land into a lush oasis. Now a team of maverick engineers want to do the same to the Sinai

Podswap | Keep AirPods Alive and out of the Landfill

Airpods dying fast? Get AirPods with restored new battery life in exchange for your old AirPod buds.

Elon Musk Likes This EV Battery and It Costs Less—but the U.S. Isn’t Sold on It — The Wall Street Journal

Iron-powered electric vehicles are surging in China, grabbing nearly half of the market and spurring the rise of more affordable EVs, but concerns remain about their range and cold-weather performance.

Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate allows you to remove carbon as you grow your business

The robots are coming for your office

NYT’s Kevin Roose on how robotic process automation, or RPA, will impact our future and how to think about it as you design your career.

It's just stuff…until you don't have it.

Urban Ministries of Durham is selling the naming rights to the items that connect our clients to food, shelter and a future.

Decomer Technology

Honeydrops water-soluble honey packages make consuming honey in drinks more convenientHoneydrops vees lahustuvad meeportsjonid muudavad meetarbimise jookides mugavaks

Stonestown plan for 3,000 homes could make the mall S.F.'s next great neighborhood

San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria would be transformed into a neighborhood with...

Famous Stanford coding course free online | Stanford News

Stanford tries a new model for online learning. A free version of a popular intro to coding course is being offered for the second time this spring. The secret ingredient was the largest group of teachers for a single class. You can teach too! Applications are open.

Common Crawl
IDEA Center

The IDEA Center is the University of Notre Dame’s collaborative innovation hub dedicated to nurturing and expanding innovations and business ideas of faculty, staff, and students from discovery to commercial application.

Some smart person looking to break into venture... - on Twitter

Some smart person looking to break into venture should create a Stratechery for early stage VC. Take the fundraising announcements and explain & analyze the broader trends behind them. Other ideas on breaking into VC:

#506: The Episode of Everything: Balaji on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Media Self-Defense, Drone Warfare, Crypto Oracles, India as Dark Horse, The Pseudonymous Economy, Beautiful Trouble, Ramanujan, Life Extension, and More — The Tim Ferriss Show

The Episode of Everything: Balaji on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Media Self-Defense, Drone Warfare, Crypto Oracles, India as Dark Horse, The Pseudonymous Economy, Beautiful Trouble, Ramanujan, Life Extension, and More | Brought to you by Wealthfront automated investing, Athletic Greens all-in-one nutritional supplement, and Helix Sleep premium mattresses. More on all three below. “If code scripts machines, media scripts human beings.” — Balaji Srinivasan Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) is an angel investor and entrepreneur. Formerly the CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, he was also the co-founder of (acquired by Coinbase), Counsyl (acquired by Myriad), Teleport (acquired by Topia), and Coin Center. He was named to the MIT Technology Review’s “Innovators Under 35”, won a Wall Street Journal Innovation Award, and holds a BS/MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Chemical Engineering, all from Stanford University. Balaji also teaches the occasional class at Stanford,…

Top Venture Studios are heating up the venture space.

The last couple weeks have been eventful milestones for Venture Studios. We saw a back to back fund announcements coming from several top venture studios in the industry.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change  |  Accelerators

A 10-week digital accelerator program for high potential Seed to Series A tech startups based across North America.

New Zealand Approves Paid Leave After Miscarriage

The measure, believed to be among the first in the world, would apply to couples who lose a pregnancy at any point.

Union FactsCrime and Corruption - Union Facts

Nearly fifty years after John F. Kennedy first condemned corrupt leadership in the American labor movement, it is still plagued by rampant corruption, embezzlement, racketeering and influence from numerous organized crime organizations

Equity Crowdfunding is making the private markets public — Equity

The Equity team brought on Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia and Hustle Fund General Partner Elizabeth Yin to talk about equity crowdfunding. It’s been about a week since the SEC increased the equity crowdfunding cap from $1.07 million to $5 million, creating the perfect opportunity to go beyond the dollar amount and understand how the change impacts founders, venture capitalists, retail investors, and future fund managers.

#163 - Plugins Making Millions, Gumroad’s Crazy Valuation & Why a Studying App is Going Viral — My First Million

Want to be featured in a future episode? Drop your question/comment/criticism/love here: ————- ————- Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) discuss: (3:38) Shaan talks about his CNBC appearance (6:45) The opportunities and riches in Chrome plugins (33:03) MFM is upping its social game (37:34) Gumroad is raising at a $100m valuation — crazy? (49:55) Is the future of remote studying? (57:01) The post-show ————- ————- Have you joined our private Facebook group yet? Go to and join thousands of other entrepreneurs and founders scheming up ideas.

I was hire #1 at @makerpad (recently bought by ... - on Twitter

I was hire #1 at @makerpad (recently bought by @zapier). A few tweets on why Makerpad won and how I came to leave pre-acquisition 🤔 ↓

Alphabet issues sustainability bonds to support environmental and social initiatives

As part of a $10 billion debt offering, Alphabet has issued $5.75 billion in sustainability bonds, the largest sustainability or green bond by any company in history.

A map of excess nitrogen use across the US reveals where and how to act

Researchers have produced a map identifying 20 vital hotspots across the United States where nitrogen - essential for crop growth, but hugely polluting in excess - is being overapplied. Their study homes in on some of the social and economic reasons why farmers are overly liberal with nitrogen, which could help target interventions to reduce […]

Workers First Agenda | AFL-CIO

Five priorities the Biden administration and Congress should embrace to transform the lives of working people through bold, structural change.

UK Supreme Court rules that Uber drivers are 'workers,' not independent contractors

Uber is reviewing how it treats thousands of drivers in the United Kingdom after the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that they should be classified as workers and not independent contractors.