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Technical and Business Development for startups, build your product, increase your sales, enter new markets, Find investors, funding for startups, web, android and iOS development for startups - FasterCapital

FasterCapital is an online incubator and accelerator that offers technical, business, and investment services. In our Tech Cofounder program, we will become your technical cofounder or technical partner and develop the whole product from A to Z. FasterCapital provides also business development per equity in Grow your Startup program including growth hacks, entering new markets, increasing sales, finding new customers, and others. FasterCapital will invest also 50% of the money needed per equity. We will help you also in raising the capital and connecting you to 50,000 investors

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Tim Connors core team
8 months ago

Co-Founder & Founding Investor @ Platform Venture Studio

got a cold outreach from someone from here