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Fight for $15

1,000s of workers. 100s of cities. 1 movement. $15 and a union. #FightFor15

The Founders of Clubhouse, Spotify, Stripe, and 42% of Unicorns Have One Thing in Common | by Ali Tamaseb | May, 2021 | Marker

Repeat founders, serial entrepreneur, startups, data-driven investing venture capital, super founders book

McDonald's Workers Will Strike for $15 an Hour in 15 Cities

Striking cashiers and cooks say there's an easy solution to McDonald's labor shortage: a $15 minimum wage.

Digging into digital mortgage lender’s huge SPAC – TechCrunch

We'll have to wait to see how public investors value the company once it begins to float later this year. But as far as unicorn SPAC deals go, there have been worse ones that we've viewed.

The ascent of Sara Nelson, workers’ great hope

The Association of Flight Attendants president has become America’s most prominent labor leader. Now she’s poised to help the entire worker movement take off.

Starbucks mulls leaving Facebook over hateful comments, report says

Social justice posts by coffee company are reportedly ‘overwhelmed’ by ‘hate speech-related comments’

Big Sky ski patrollers form union | Business |
Funding innovation from the balance sheet

The source of funding for innovation is an under-appreciated hurdle to, or catalyst for, success.

Notable population changes between Jan '20 and ... - on Twitter

Notable population changes between Jan '20 and '21 for Bay Area and nearby cities: Albany: - 9.6% (lowest in Bay) Berkeley: - 4.6% Santa Cruz: - 13% SF: - 1.7% Oakland: + 0.7% San Jose: - 1.1% Lathrop: + 6.3% Tracy: + 2.9% Redwood City: -1.5% Santa Clara: + 2.9% (highest in Bay)

NCAA president Mark Emmert pushing for NIL action before or near July 1

NCAA president Mark Emmert is pushing for approval of NIL guidance "before, or as close to, July 1," a date that coincides with when new laws regarding athlete endorsement will go into effect in five states.

Peers who boost marginalized voices help others, and themselves, study shows

Notre Dame News gathers and disseminates information that enhances understanding of the University’s academic and research mission and its accomplishments as a Catholic institute of higher learning.

Engagement is how fund managers are keeping companies on track

Engagement is the practice of investors in a company working with the management of that company to influence behaviours and within an ESG context this can include the way the company s activities impact the environment and society

Realm - Increase Your Home Value - Free Analysis

Realm shows you how much your house could be worth. Use our ROI calculator to prioritize home improvement projects and to make smarter renovation choices.

Compare cities on quality of life, cost of living, salaries and more.Explore where to move based on your personal preferences.

Why Smart Money Is Investing in Startup Studios in 2021 | by George Bandarian II | Untapped Ventures | May, 2021 | Medium

Early-stage venture capital has been steadily unbundling and morphing over the last decade. As the emergence of new technology helps make it easier to find investors and the development of new deal…

Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger Life Cycle Assessment: A detailed comparison between a plant-based and an animal-based protein source | Center for Sustainable Systems

Beyond Meat commissioned the Center for Sustainable Systems at University of Michigan to conduct a “cradle-to-distribution” life cycle assessment of the Beyond Burger, a plant-based patty designed to look, cook and taste like fresh ground beef. The purpose of the study is to compare environmental impacts – chosen here as greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative energy demand (energy use), water use, and land use – with those from typical beef production in the U.S. A secondary purpose is to highlight opportunities for improvement in the environmental performance of the Beyond Burger product chain and provide Beyond Meat with a benchmark against which improvement efforts can be measured. The primary audiences are both internal stakeholders at Beyond Meat as well as external customers, consumers, and interested stakeholders.

Notre Dame Begins Massive Recruiting And Branding Push

Notre Dame has began a new recruiting push that is looking to build up the Fighting Irish brand, and the brand of its players across the country

Just tested the Twitter tip feature and if you ... - on Twitter

Just tested the Twitter tip feature and if you tip someone using PayPal you get their email address (and supposedly they get your personal address). It only cost me $.50 to buy an email address. I'm sure this won't be abused at all

BlackRock at Odds With Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Over Disclosures

BlackRock’s support of two shareholder-led proposals highlight the growing tension between asset managers who are calling for companies like Berkshire Hathaway to further emphasize ESG issues and executives such as Warren Buffett who are pushing back.

The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine | by Crypto Anonymous | Medium

This is the story of a Bitcoin trade — the most financially impactful trade I’ve ever made in my life. It’s also the story of the deep-yet-frantic investigation of the crypto ecosystem that led me to…

Why Institutional Investors Should Double Down on VC | by Dan Malven | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Dan Malven of 4490 Ventures says VC firms’ outperformance is much more broadly distributed than previously understood. Most institutional investors have some exposure to the venture capital asset…

The Market Minute: SPAC Regulation May Be On The Horizon

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the public markets the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the number of SPACs forming and filing for initial public offerings has slowed down dramatically.

Ikea launches ‘buy back’ initiative as part of sustainability drive

Ikea is set to launch its ‘buy back’ initiative, which allows customers to sell their unwanted furniture back to the retailer.

A Massive Metal “Caterpillar” Brings Eight Cost-Effective Apartments to Detroit - Dwell

In Detroit’s Core City neighborhood, a new prefab Quonset hut hosts six apartments and two live/work spaces surrounded by a recently planted urban forest. Named Caterpillar after its long and slender shape, the gleaming 9,000-square-foot structure is the latest venture by Prince Concepts, a local real estate developer that has partnered with the city to develop roughly one hundred vacant properties in the district.

Robinhood responds to Buffett and Munger after they 'insulted new generation' of investors

'If the last year has taught us anything, it is that people are tired of the Warren Buffetts and Charlie Mungers of the world acting like they are the only oracles of investing,' writes Robinhood's head of public policy.

GE shareholders reject CEO Culp's $230 million pay in rare rebuke

NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) -General Electric Co shareholders rejected top executives' compensation packages, including a payout of as much as $230 million to CEO Larry Culp, at the industrial conglomerate's annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday. While the shareholder vote was non-binding, the move was a rare rebuke of a major corporation's handling of its executive pay. As part of an extension of Culp's employment contract to 2024, GE last August canceled old shares given to him and granted him new shares tied to lower financial targets.

Gerry - Your Expert Guide to Senior Care

We help seniors thrive at home with expert help and easy-to-use tools. Create a will, find quality care, set up prescription delivery, and more. 100% free.

The Inconsistency of ESG Ratings: Implications for Investors

Investors are increasingly scrutinizing the ESG performance of companies. This is a positive development - if CEOs know that investors evaluate them on ESG factors, not just short-term earnings, they'll prioritise these factors over quarterly profit. Indeed, research shows that …

The founder of Moderna doesn’t think vaccines are all that impressive

Derrick Rossi, the founder of Moderna, says vaccines are just the beginning of mRNA therapeutics.

Salesforce Adds Climate Obligations to all Supplier Contracts - ESG Today

CRM solutions provider Salesforce announced today that it is introducing a new Sustainability Exhibit in all of its supplier procurement contracts, as part of the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In a letter sent to suppliers this week by EVP & Chief Procurement Officer Craig Cuffie, and VP, Sustainability Patrick Flynn, the company […]

The streets can’t be a waiting room. Why Pallet is one solution to unsheltered homelessness. — Pallet

Pallet shelters are a solution that treats unsheltered homelessness for what it is, an emergency. While there are many thoughts on how to reduce the barriers to traditional housing long-term, the reality for the thousands of people facing homelessness is that they need a place to stay tonight.

Building self awareness is the first step toward growth. The Torch Leadership Assessment helps experienced professionals gain clarity on existing strengths and development opportunities.

Nestle Boycott information

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more.

Lennar Announces $4 Billion Single Family Rental Platform with Centerbridge Partners as Lead Investor

/PRNewswire/ -- Lennar Corporation (NYSE:LEN and LEN.B), one of the nation's largest homebuilders, today announced the formation of the Upward America Venture....

Facebook tops Q1 estimates as ad prices rise | ZDNet

The average price per ad in Q1 increased by 30 percent year-over-year, driving up Facebook ad revenue growth.

Both parties back bill for name, image, likeness rights for college athletes

It is the third bill related to NIL compensation in college sports to be introduced during this Congress, but the first with support from both parties.

Rain - Contain Wildfires Within 10 Minutes of Ignition

Every wildfire starts small. The Rain System is a network of autonomous drones detecting and containing wildfires within 10 minutes of ignition.

Amazon to spend $1B to boost pay for 500k operations workers by as much as $3 an hour

Amazon announced Wednesday that it plans to invest more than $1 billion in wage increases for its operations workers, promising raises of between 50 cents and…

Amazon to spend $1B to boost pay for 500k operations workers by as much as $3 an hour

Amazon announced Wednesday that it plans to invest more than $1 billion in wage increases for its operations workers, promising raises of between 50 cents and…


Terraformation partners with land owners to scale forestation projects with hardware, software, and knowledge based solutions.

Looming NIL legislation opens doors for crowded marketplace

University athletic programs and new companies are beginning to capitalize on name, image and likeness (NIL), which has been at the forefront of a changing college sports landscape.

After Years of Significant Growth, Grace Hill Acquired by Stone Point Capital

/PRNewswire/ -- Grace Hill, the leading provider of online training courseware, administration and mystery shopping for the multifamily property management...

Changes at Basecamp

At Basecamp, we treat our company as a product. It's not a rigid thing that exists, it's a flexible, malleable idea that evolves. We aren't stuck with what we have, we can create what we want. Just as we improve products through iteration, we iterate on our company too. Recently, we've made some internal company changes, which, taken i...

The SPAC boom has 'screeched to a halt.' That may be good thing

One of the hottest corners of financial markets is getting slightly less manic.

Local Driver Co-op - Own Your Future!

Become a partner and receive 90% of the revenue & equity Lyft and Uber drivers, medallion holders and fleet operators – join now and equally own your local rideshare co-op! Get 90% of the Revenue Our drivers get to take home more money than ever, with 90% of the ride or delivery fare going straight […]

What Google Does With All Their Satellite Images - Bloomberg
3 ways to find and support eco-friendly places on Maps

Here are three ways to find and support places on Google Maps that focus on reducing waste, reusing items and recycling materials.

Unison | Home Co-Investing. Together, You Can.

Unison helps get you into a home or unlock equity in an existing one. No extra debt, no interest and no monthly payments.

Roofstock Institutional Services

We have created the world's leading end-to-end solution for investors to buy, manage and sell real estate at scale. From creating customizable portfolios to managing those investments all the way to disposition, you can find your ideal solution on a single platform.

Microsoft Study Shows Need for Breaks in Between Video Meetings

As more companies embrace a hybrid workforce, preventing digital overload is a growing concern


materialsCAN includes members of the global building industry that are ready to act on the smart prioritization of embodied carbon in building materials.

How JPMorgan Chase got European football so wrong

When JPMorgan Chase agreed to finance a breakaway competition of some of the world's richest soccer clubs, it expected some heated discussions.

AirTag location trackers are smart, capable, and very Apple

We have tested Apple AirTag location trackers, which compete with Tile. They’re small and as cute as the buttons they resemble, with privacy features that seem quite good. But they’re also another way to lock users in.

Launching McKinsey Sustainability: Our new platform for helping clients innovate to net zero

To help every industry get to “net zero” by 2050, McKinsey Sustainability will serve clients on sustainable corporate strategy, green business building, sustainable investing, and more.

Cameo Comes to College Athletics with Teamworks/INFLCR NIL Deal

INFLCR's Cameo deal allows athletes to start building an audience on the platform until actual NIL monetization opportunities are allowed.

Sorry, not everything is a venture builder | Sifted

If companies are not clear on what a venture builder is and what makes it different from other models, the project will fail. | SEC Announces Enforcement Task Force Focused on Climate and ESG Issues

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced the creation of a Climate and ESG Task Force in the Division of Enforcement.  The task force will be led by Kelly L. Gibson, the Acting Deputy Director of Enforcement, who will oversee a Division-wide effort, with 22 members drawn from the SEC’s headquarters, regional offices, and Enforcement specialized units.

Labelled Green Bonds Data: Latest 3 Months

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international, investor-focused not-for-profit. We're the only organisation working solely on mobilising the $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions.

If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund

Yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family homes, competing with ordinary Americans and driving up prices.

Gov signs law killing affordable-housing program in Bozeman, Whitefish

City zoning laws that require builders to include some affordable homes in developments are now banned in Montana, under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Greg Gianforte.

The a16z Marketplace 100: 2021 - Andreessen Horowitz

A ranking of the largest and fastest-growing consumer-facing marketplace startups and private companies. From food delivery to outdoor travel, the Marketplace 100 reflects the imprint of a year like no other.

The prototyping tool for teams | Framer

It’s interactive design made simple—no code required, browser-based, and free for everyone. Realistic prototypes in half the time.

Looker performance on Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery

How to accelerate Looker performance on Redshift, Snowflake and BigQuery? Learn the short-term fixes and the long-term solutions.

Amazon's Rivian van begins delivering packages in its third U.S. city

Amazon’s initiative to begin delivering its packages in all-electric vehicles provided by Rivian has made it to its third U.S. city. The e-commerce giant announced earlier today that it began delivering packages in Tulsa, Oklahoma, joining Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, as the only U.S. cities to have packages delivered by the all-electric Rivian …

Faith leaders call for Home Depot boycott over Georgia election law

After weeks of talks with top executives of some of the state’s largest companies, a coalition of influential Georgia faith leaders called for a boyco

Amazon illegally interfered in Alabama warehouse election, union alleges in complaint to federal officials

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union challenged the results of a closely watched union drive at one of Amazon's Alabama warehouses.

Nike Refurbished

Nike Refurbished sources a mix of returns and open box footwear from Nike distribution centers, creating an opportunity to purchase gently used footwear at a lower cost.

Clock's running out on climate change. California says it's time for giant carbon vacuums

Solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are not enough to beat climate change. California is also looking at giant carbon-sucking vacuums.

The right to fix your own stuff is finally having a moment in state legislatures — Marketplace Tech

About half of U.S. states are considering right-to-repair bills. They would require manufacturers to publish manuals so that anyone can make repairs on electronics and appliances — everything from iPhones to tractors to ventilators. Some of the bills focus on just one of those categories; in Arkansas, it’s farm equipment, in Oregon, it’s consumer electronics, and in California, it’s medical equipment. And in France, a new law just went into effect requiring makers of some gadgets to put a “repairability” score on the label. Molly Wood speaks with Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit. He says there may be momentum, but there’s also a lot of resistance.

E29: Coinbase goes public, direct listings vs. IPOs, portfolio management, unions & more with Bestie Guestie Brad Gerstner — All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

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EXCLUSIVE Brazil needs $10 bln a year in aid for carbon neutrality by 2050, minister says

Brazil's environment minister, Ricardo Salles, told Reuters on Friday that Brazil would need to receive $10 billion annually in foreign aid in order to reach economy-wide net zero carbon emissions by 2050, instead of 2060 as currently planned.

The union’s defeat at Amazon is shaking up the labor movement and exposing a rift between organizers

The labor movement is working to regroup, with emotions high after a veteran organizer wrote a sharp critique of the union’s tactics in Alabama.

PropertyRadar - Property Data and Owner Information Platform

Research real estate using property and owner data app. Make targeted lists. Connect with owners by phone, email, mail, and social media. Try it for free.

Playing Different Games

Or why Tiger is eating your lunch (& your deals)

Apple and partners launch first-ever $200 million Restore Fund

Apple today announced the Restore Fund, an initiative that will make direct investments in forestry projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Cooperative Rideshare Platforms Aim to Free Drivers From Uber and Lyft - The Reboot

Experimental, community-based rideshare alternatives reflect the potential and promise of creating equitable alternatives to Uber and Lyft.

The Pandemic Remade Society. Now It's the Climate's Turn

The intertwining of the economy and climate change promises to alter the shape of global politics and society for the foreseeable future.

Benevolent - Be Benevolent

Make your giving personal. Be part of someone's story today.

Bezos acknowledges Amazon needs to do ‘a better job’ for employees after union vote

The Amazon chief executive offers his first thoughts on the high-profile union vote at the e-commerce giant's Bessemer, Ala., warehouse in his annual shareholder letter.

Montana housing market booming, but who's moving here? | KECI
Democrats to introduce legislation to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices

Democrats will introduce legislation to expand the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices Thursday.

Calendso | The Open Source Calendly Alternative

Self-hosted or hosted by us. White-label by design. API-driven and ready to be deployed on your own domain. You are in control of your events and data.

Central Labor Councils – California Labor Federation

There are 23 central labor councils (CLCs) in California. These regional coordinating bodies bring unions from many industries together to take action on local and statewide issues. Labor councils organize, mobilize, and give working families a voice in the political process.

What We Do – California Labor Federation

The California Labor Federation is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, our affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.

Olson Remcho Represents California Rideshare Drivers, Unions in Push to Show Prop 22 Violates State Constitution | Olson Remcho

Olson Remcho is co-counsel for the SEIU and other plaintiffs in this case. Set out below is the SEIU press release.  Service Employees International Union FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 11, 2021 Contact: Matt Lopez,, 805-377-2950. . . in a democracy, corporations shouldn’t get the final say in determining our laws . . . SAN

Gig Drivers Revive Proposition 22 Challenge in California (2)

The California ballot measure bankrolled by Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc., and DoorDash Inc. that allows their drivers to be classified as independent contractors is unconstitutional, according to a lawsuit refiled in state court on Thursday.

SEIU California | About SEIU CA

SEIU California is our statewide political voice, dedicated to building a better California by fighting for policies and candidates who benefit working families and advance the issues we care about. Our mission is to set statewide priorities and exercise power to increase economic fairness for working people, ensure high quality services and create a well-funded, equitable, just and prosperous California.

EcoCart raises $3 million for a Honey-like browser extension to offset shoppers’ carbon emissions – TechCrunch

EcoCart, a company pitching consumers on ways to offset their carbon emissions for free at select merchants (with a browser extension!) has raised $3 million in financing from Base10 Partners. Brands pay the company a commission to drive traffic to their websites under a standard affiliate marketing model and EcoCart uses a portion of the […]

Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers: The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing

Private-sector union decline since the late 1970s has contributed to wage losses among workers who do not belong to a union. This is especially true for men, particularly non–college graduates. For nonunion private-sector men without a bachelor’s degree or more education, weekly wages would be an estimated 8 percent ($58) higher in 2013 if union density remained at its 1979 levels. These lost wages due to declining union power eclipse non–college graduates’ estimated 5 percent wage loss from increased trade with low-wage nations, signaling that decline in union power must receive more attention in the debate over wage stagnation and growing inequality.

Welcome to Zoom Town, USA - Marketplace

Small towns, inundated with remote workers during the pandemic, have come to be known as "Zoom towns." Also on today's show: Why inflation numbers are gonna be wonky for awhile, and what happened to America's public toilets.

What's In Biden's $400 Billion Plan To Support Families' Long-Term Health Needs

Long-term care options are expensive and often out of reach for elders and people with disabilities. Part of the president's proposed infrastructure plan would help fund home-based health services.

The Ponzi Career

The future of work is a pyramid scheme, where every person sells his favorite person to the next person.

Project Pura

Let's make an impact together.

Increment: Topics

Increment is a print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale.

Uber and the problem of Silicon Valley's bro culture

"They never functioned like mature, responsible companies." —Sarah Lacy, tech reporter

The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union affiliate that represents over 80,000 For-Hire Vehicle drivers in New York City and advocates for more than 250,000 across NY, NJ, CT and IL. We are Uber, Lyft and Via workers united for a fair industry.

Uber owes $20 million for greatly exaggerating how much its drivers really make

The math just didn’t add up.

How Much Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Make?

How much can you make driving for Uber, Lyft or other ridesharing services? Not a whole heck of a lot. Learn why now.