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Unit Economics

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As we surface unmet needs and build startups inside Platform Venture Studio, here's what we're reading, thinking, and talking about.

America Needs to End Its Love Affair With Single-Family Homes. One Town Is Discovering It’s a Tough Sell

The housing development Brown Ranch aims to provide affordable housing to a community that desperately needs it. Its road ahead is filled with challenges.

Introducing Zoom Ventures, Zoom’s Global Investment Arm Driving Ecosystem Innovation 

Zoom Ventures is Zoom’s global investment arm designed to drive innovation in the Zoom ecosystem and beyond.

Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher rips Alabama coach Nick Saban's NIL accusations - 'Some people think they're God'

Jimbo Fisher delivered a fiery rebuttal to Nick Saban's comments from Wednesday night that Texas A&M "bought every player" in its vaunted 2022 recruiting class, calling Saban's comments "despicable" numerous times in a news conference.

Traditional family offices emerge as unlikely venture capitalists

A growing list of wealthy families are now looking to profit from the Silicon Valley tech boom

Could a ‘Carbon Coin’ Save the Planet?

Australian civil engineer Delton Chen explains his idea for a new currency, portrayed in Kim Stanley Robinson’s climate-catastrophe novel.

NCAA to pass new enforcement rules for boosters offering NIL inducements, per report


Thiel vs. AngelList. Who is Right? | by David Coats | VC by the Numbers | Apr, 2022 | Medium

U.S. venture is a hits driven business, and we’ve previously published data quantifying how right-skewed the distribution of outcomes is. What are the implications for the optimum portfolio size for…

I Tracked My Career Satisfaction for 12 Years. These 6 Ingredients Matter Most | by Mike Bechtel | Medium

(as originally published in inc. magazine). “I Tracked My Career Satisfaction for 12 Years. These 6 Ingredients Matter Most” is published by Mike Bechtel.

ARK Invest_042022_Job Description_VC
Charlie Munger on Robinhood stock crash: 'God is getting just'

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger did some kicking of a downed dog on Saturday.

Nick Saban: Current NIL setup 'creates a situation where you can basically buy players'

Saban said he isn't sure how the NCAA's current system is sustainable for college football.

Peloton is raising subscription fees while cutting prices for its Bikes and other equipment

Effective June 1, the price of Peloton's all-access subscription plan in the United States will go up to $44 per month, from $39.

The Complete Compensation Benchmarking Tool | OpenComp

OpenComp is the only reliable compensation benchmarking tool for modern employers, from seed to pre-IPO. Request a demo and evolve your pay practices today!

Pixxel takes orbital imagery hyperspectral with $25M A round – TechCrunch

Orbital imagery is one of the hot categories of the new space industry, but there’s more to it than meets the (human) eye. Pixxel has raised $25 million to launch a constellation of satellites that will provide hyperspectral imagery of the Earth: a wider slice of the electromagnetic spectrum that can reveal all kinds of […]

Kyndi releases Natural Language Search Solution

Organizations can deliver exceptional natural language-enabled experiences and build innovative, natural language-powered applications with Kyndi's no-code environment

Google BigLake Stretches BigQuery Across All Data

To Gerrit Kazmaier, the distinction between managed databases and data lakes has never made much sense, and it makes even less sense today as data is

Wealthsimple launches venture capital investment fund for retail investors

New fund is one of the country’s first VC funds for retail investors, allowing for clients with as little as $5,000 to participate

How It Works | Bolder

Bolder combines personal money coaching with the resources you need to build wealth, and reach your financial, and life goals faster.

Summer Housing in Silicon Valley // Notre Dame California // University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame California connects the University’s faculty and students to opportunities on the West Coast and builds a bridge back to our Indiana campus for Notre Dame alumni and friends.

Poplar Homes raises $53M Series B to give independent real estate investors the full-stack property management capabilities of national companies

/PRNewswire/ -- Poplar Homes, a leading tech-enabled property management company for single family rental (SFR) investors, announced it has raised $53M in...

The Right Way to Grant Equity to Your Employees

Andy Rachleff, co-founder of Benchmark Capital, breaks down the ideal plan for granting equity to incentivize loyalty.

Six Head Snappers From Edison Research’s 2022 Infinite Dial Study - Westwood One

Here are six surprising findings from Edison’s recently released Infinite Dial study of 1,502 Americans, 12 years and older, surveyed in January 2022.

Kroger Precision Marketing Expands Access to On-Site Advertising Inventory Through Three Leading Ad-Management Platforms

Pacvue, Skai and Flywheel Digital are inaugural participants with KPM CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2022 / Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), the retail media business of the Kroger Co. powered by 84.51°, is expanding access to its on-site advertising inventory. Advertisers may now use one of three preferred advertising management platforms to buy product listing ads on Kroger ecommerce sites. Pacvue, Skai and Flywheel Digital are

Introducing the digital health tech stack

We go deep on digital health developers' buy/build/partner decisions

Motive Capital Corp (FRGE) Stock Price & News - Google Finance

Get the latest Motive Capital Corp (FRGE) real-time quote, historical performance, charts, and other financial information to help you make more informed trading and investment decisions.

How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business – Phase 1: Crack the Chicken-and-Egg Problem 🐣

Insights from 17 of today's biggest marketplaces, including Airbnb, DoorDash, Thumbtack, Etsy, Uber and many more

(99+) Candidate Labs: Overview | LinkedIn
Google.org Fellows help small businesses fight climate change

Helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cut down their carbon emissions is a vital step towards tackling climate change. 90% of emissions from large corporations can be traced to SMEs that play key roles in the creation of products and services.However, most SMEs do not have the resources to measure and manage their emissions. In a recent survey by the SME Climate Hub, 63% of respondents said they did not feel they have the right skills to take the appropriate climate action.Normative, a company based in Sweden who has developed the world's first carbon accounting engine, has been taking on this challenge by helping businesses calculate their climate footprints. Over the past 6 months, a team of 12 Google.org Fellows, comprising software engineers, UX designers and product managers from different Google offices across the globe came together with Normative to help build a carbon calculator for SMEs.The Business Carbon Calculator will be available for free, from today, to businesses through the UN-backed SME Climate Hub.

De-Risking Early-Stage Investments With GV’s Design Sprint | by Eran Dror | Remake Labs | Medium

I am a Product Designer, and through my agency Remake Labs — a kind of Head of Product for hire. What that means, broadly speaking, is that I am in charge of identifying and distilling customer…

The White House is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine

With millions getting their information about the war from the platform, the administration wants to get its message to top content creators.

101 - A course platform with web3 rewards

101 allows anyone to make or take educational courses that issue cryptocurrency or NFT badges.

D’Amelio family launches VC fund to invest up to $25M in startups – TechCrunch

The D'Amelio family, including TikTok stars Charli D'Amelio and sister Dixie, are formalizing their investments in startups with a new VC fund, 444 Capital.

The Trait to Instantly Spot a Great Employee, Says Warren Buffett

When assessing candidates for open positions, Buffett says to look for this key trait.


The Leader in Academic Support | Paper

Give every student an equal opportunity to excel academically. Paper delivers unlimited, 24/7, personalized learning help from expert tutors.

Target boosts its starting pay for some jobs to $24 an hour | CNN Business

Target announced Monday that it is raising its starting wage for workers in some positions to up to $24.

GitHub - RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀

Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀 - GitHub - RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀

Council Post: The Role Of Accessible Satellite Data In Climate Change

We need a global solution to this global problem. Increasing global access to satellite data needs to be a priority. 


Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between apps without effort so you can focus on growing your business.

Salesforce Launches Updated Net Zero Planning & Tracking Solution; Adds Sustainability to Core Values - ESG Today

CRM solutions provider Salesforce announced today the global rollout of Net Zero Cloud 2.0, the latest version of its greenhouse gas emissions data tracking, analysis and reporting solution, aimed at helping organizations plan, implement and accelerate net zero strategies. The company also announced today that it has added Sustainability as a “Core Company Value,” used […]

Workiva, Persefoni Partner to Provide Integrated Carbon Accounting and ESG Reporting Solution

Workiva and climate management and accounting platform provider Persefoni announced today a new strategic partnership.

Inflation Alert: McDonald’s Big Mac Is Outpacing Cost of Living, Price up 40%

The price of a McDonald's Big Mac burger has risen 40% over the last 10 years, CNBC reported, and because its price incorporates many economic factors, many believe this popular fast food item is one...

What is ESG Investing? MSCI Ratings Focus on Corporate Bottom Line
Minsky Moments in Venture Capital

Markets rise, and markets fall. This much, at least, is well-known. But why do market cycles occur? What causes the pendulum to swing from euphoria to crisis and back? Hyman Minsky was a 20th-century economist whose ‘financial instability hypothesis’ is probably the best-known explanation for the boom and bust cycles that characterize public financial markets. But there’s far less examination — in fact, there's almost none — of how Minsky dynamics apply to

Voltron Data grabs $110M to build startup based on Apache Arrow project – TechCrunch

Voltron Data was launched last year by former employees from NVidia, Ursa Computing, BlazingSQL and the co-founder of Apache Arrow. The group came together to build a company on top of Arrow to help companies that don’t want to deal with the headaches of managing an open source project on their own. Voltron Data co-founder […]

Homeplan - Home Management, Made Simple
Free Agency

Hollywood-style career management for tech talent.

Hispanic voters

Local ways to search

Donate & Follow the Money in Politics

Geneva | This is where your group chats

Geneva is a free messaging app for groups and clubs. Stay more connected and organized with chat, events, video, and more...


Know where you stand with your Scouting Report. Go inside the numbers. Get an edge against the competition. You'll get a free credit report and a 360-degree view of your financial health.

‘Great Resignation’ Drives Billions In VC Dollars To Upskilling Startups


Slate - Recruiting for Humans

ENTERPRISES: MURAL moved to Webflow to bring their website back under control

The Future of Solo Capitalists | The Generalist

Solitary general partners now manage more than many multi-person venture funds. What are the limits of a one-man band? And how should legacy firms counter?

When investors ask about your startup being built on Bubble

Technical and Business Development for startups, build your product, increase your sales, enter new markets, Find investors, funding for startups, web, android and iOS development for startups - FasterCapital

FasterCapital is an online incubator and accelerator that offers technical, business, and investment services. In our Tech Cofounder program, we will become your technical cofounder or technical partner and develop the whole product from A to Z. FasterCapital provides also business development per equity in Grow your Startup program including growth hacks, entering new markets, increasing sales, finding new customers, and others. FasterCapital will invest also 50% of the money needed per equity. We will help you also in raising the capital and connecting you to 50,000 investors

Orange DAO Homepage

Our mission is to support past, present, and aspiring Y Combinator founders who are building the future of the crypto ecosystem.

DeepMind’s AlphaCode AI writes code at a competitive level – TechCrunch

DeepMind has created an AI capable of writing code to solve arbitrary problems posed to it, as proven by participating in a coding challenge and placing — well, somewhere in the middle. It won’t be taking any software engineers’ jobs just yet, but it’s promising and may help automate basic tasks. The team at DeepMind, […]

Nick Saban sounds off on NIL and recruiting: ‘That’s not why we did this’

Nick Saban had some thoughts on NIL and recruiting, as well as the transfer portal.

Lessons from leading innovation at GiveDirectly

Over the past 6 years at GiveDirectly, I've started 7 initiatives with a couple of close colleagues. Two grew to a total of $250M, two are likely to stay in the $1-$4M range, one is too early to tell, and two failed.

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman ridicules start-up fundraising process

Sam Altman, the former president of start-up accelerator Y-Combinator and the co-founder of OpenAI, has ridiculed the start-up fundraising process.


VC Funding To Early-Stage Latinx-Founded Startups In The US Has Stalled. Here’s Why That Matters

Robinhood Has Lost its One True Advantage

The trading platform's user growth has slowed considerably in the past two quarters.

Caffeinated Capital | Collective 2022 - Airtable

Fill out the "Caffeinated Capital | Collective 2022" form quickly and securely on Airtable.

Cana | Thirst for More
Dropbox Capture

Say more, meet less, with Dropbox Capture

As NIL landscape evolves, administrators like NU AD Alberts tasked with planning for uncertain future

A deep dive with major players in this new world of college athletics. How is money generated, and how does it affect recruiting are just two talking points.

Founders of Forge Launch D/XYZ, Creating Exchange-Traded Products That Bring Public Access to Private Tech

Today, the founders of Forge, a leading global private securities marketplace, announce the launch of their new company, D/XYZ (pronounced Destiny). I

Eco Explore I: The What and The Why

A few weeks after hosting Eco’s first-ever event, Eco Explore I, we’re checking back in to share some reflections with you. Over 1,800 people attended, tuning in for an average of 97 minutes each. Here's a recap of some of the highlights.

This tiny Bay Area town is an unlikely hotbed of live music

With a population of just 38,000, this town has become a destination for music fans.

UK surge in post-Christmas returns reveals dark side of online shopping boom

Returns process thought to cost firms about £7bn a year and weigh heavily on companies’ carbon footprints

Smart meters were supposed to free your energy data. Arcadia wants to…

The community-solar stalwart makes a move into the utility software space.

YC’s $500,000 Standard Deal

We're excited to announce our new standard deal at Y Combinator. When a company is accepted into YC, we now invest a total of $500,000.

Experience live music concert videos from 8101 bands and 677 venues on Tourin’

Watch live music concert videos, discover new bands, and experience live shows, even if you weren’t there. Did you miss that one killer show a few years ago? Now you can see what it was really like. Share your love of live music videos with others now. Join for free.

From spreadsheet to data expert in seconds · Polymer

The only way to make your spreadsheets searchable, intelligent, and interactive instantly. No technical setup required.

$17.1 Million Dollars Later: Key Learnings from GTMfund Year 1 & What to Expect in Year 2

In late 2020, AngelList came out with their Rolling Funds product and due to some personal connections, I was able to get early exclusive access. I've always had this theory that if we raised a fund from GTM executives who've been there done that, and kept it relatively lean, we would have a very st

Caleb Williams offered $1 million by former NFL QB to transfer to specific school

Caleb Williams is the hottest name in the transfer portal.

Texas A&M Boosters Spent Unfathomable Amount Of Money To Land No. 1 Recruiting Class, Per Report - BroBible

Texas A&M football landed the nation's top recruiting class in 2022 and its boosters reportedly spent a small fortune to do so.

Why startup founders need to stay ahead of the curve with ESG

Environmental, social and governance considerations are slowly coming to VC firms. This is how startup founders can stay ahead of the curve with ESG in VC.

Strategic Intelligence on the Future of Consumption

Racial Justice State Legislative Tracker

AngelList just closed a $25M fund to back startups based on hiring velocity – TechCrunch

Over the past year, AngelList has grown from a platform that connects angel investors with startups to an end-to-end suite of tools, working on everything from fund operations to founder cap table management. Throughout this growth, the company has quietly amassed millions of data points that show appetite, both from investors and regular employees, for […]

Exposed: Amazon’s enormous and rapidly growing plastic pollution problem

Here’s Why You Should Always Avoid Amazon

Pear Blog - Come join Pear as a Visiting Partner!

Pear’s Visiting Partner program is for experienced founders and operators seeking to learn the full toolkit of early-stage VC through sourcing, diligence, and advising.  This is a 6 month commitment, either part-time or full-time, with an opportunity to become an investment partner at Pear. Out of the past four Pear Visiting Partners, two have joined […]

U.S. can get to 100% clean energy with wind, water, solar and zero nuclear, Stanford professor says

Stanford professor Mark Jacobson sees a way to clean energy in the U.S. by 2050 with 100% wind, water and solar (no fossil fuels, no nuclear). Here's how.

What is a fatberg?

These giant grease balls can grow 800 feet long and weigh as much as four humpback whales.

REITs are Hitching a Ride on the Green Bond Bandwagon

Many more REIT properties will be funded by sustainable bonds that showcase their commitment to fighting climate change.

Turing books $87M at a $1.1B valuation to help source, hire and manage engineers remotely – TechCrunch

When it comes to engineering talent in the world of tech, demand continues to outpace supply, a predicament so acute that by 2030, that disparity will balloon to 85 million positions being unfilled, according to research from Korn Ferry. Today, a startup that believes it can stem that tide with a more inclusive, global approach […]

Oculus Quest 2: Our Most Advanced New All-in-One VR Headset | Oculus

Oculus Quest 2 is our newest, most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Explore an expansive library of awe-inspiring games and immersive experiences with unparalleled freedom.


Taskforce is an app designed to bridge the gap between organizations of people and governments.