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Google.org Fellows help small businesses fight climate change

Helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cut down their carbon emissions is a vital step towards tackling climate change. 90% of emissions from large corporations can be traced to SMEs that play key roles in the creation of products and services.However, most SMEs do not have the resources to measure and manage their emissions. In a recent survey by the SME Climate Hub, 63% of respondents said they did not feel they have the right skills to take the appropriate climate action.Normative, a company based in Sweden who has developed the world's first carbon accounting engine, has been taking on this challenge by helping businesses calculate their climate footprints. Over the past 6 months, a team of 12 Google.org Fellows, comprising software engineers, UX designers and product managers from different Google offices across the globe came together with Normative to help build a carbon calculator for SMEs.The Business Carbon Calculator will be available for free, from today, to businesses through the UN-backed SME Climate Hub.

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Tim Connors core team
7 months ago

Co-Founder & Founding Investor @ Platform Venture Studio

Jada: if users can request this info for brands not yet in CSRhub might be interesting