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Unit Economics

The Trait to Instantly Spot a Great Employee, Says Warren Buffett

When assessing candidates for open positions, Buffett says to look for this key trait.

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Lissette Arias core team
over 1 year ago

Partner and Chief Design Officer @ Platform Venture Studio

This article really speaks to me. Integrity is not spoken of often enough imho. In some spaces, that quality is even discouraged. In the past, I've seen super bright employees shy away from speaking truthfully and candidly when they had well-thought out/brilliant opinions that weren't the most popular or were in conflict with that of their superiors (they preferred to err on agreeable and not rock the boat). 😕

Those experiences had an impact on my appreciation for candidates who you can count on to step up when something is off, who care so much they'll stick out their necks when nobody else will. They're an incredible asset! By not withholding, they help de-risk businesses and to me, they feel more authentic, honest, and trustworthy. They have a backbone and I really like that.

The other two qualities feel so intertwined and supportive of integrity, because if you're going to say something controversial or unpopular, well, you better know how to manage conflict and be open to hearing other opinions. Then you gotta walk the talk. Awesome article! 🙌

Tim Connors core team
over 1 year ago

Founder, MD @ PivotNorth Capital

smarts, goodness, and grit are my favorite 3 too.