Live Music Jukebox

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Griffin Eaton (founder-in-residence)
CEO / Co-Founder

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Lissette Arias Brett Wischow Claire HernandezBB Brittany BartonTW Tucker Watson Natalie Whalen

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Jeremy Burton Tim ConnorsHG Herb GibsonBG Bill GodwinNK Nic KrugerRK Rachel KlinkatsisCA Carol AlexanderJM Jack McMackinFK Francis Kim Brett WischowTR Tom Rohrs + 44 more

Live at:  https://www.juke.band/ open_in_new

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 The Unmet Need

Live performances are hugely popular; whether online or at a live venue.

The top acts make millions from tours and live events.

However, there are thousands of struggling venues, and millions of struggling musicians. They don't have great mechanisms to monetize and build relationships with their audiences.

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  • Platform Cohort 2022

Juke is in Stage 3: Validation

info_outline In Stage 3, we are building an MVP, driving initial user growth, rapidly iterating based on user feedback, and tracking unit economics and other KPIs.

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