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Motivation is essential – now more than ever.

Motivation refers to the internal and external or environmental variables contributing to a person's desire to remain dedicated or interested in a viewpoint, goal, or subject. You must be driven to keep pursuing your career goals if you want to succeed in your field of work.

Conscious and unconscious variables, such as the desire to acquire something or the chance to get approval and praise from others, are key drivers of motivation. The drive to make more money might also be your source of inspiration, perhaps to retire by a specified age.

The most effective way to use motivation to accomplish objectives, finish activities, and motivate others is to figure out which kind of motivation best suits the individual. This is especially true with the influx of remote workers due to the pandemic.

The pandemic came on quickly and created a new working experience for millions of people worldwide, remote work. With remote work comes different challenges. And with these challenges comes new motivations. We must keep a pulse on what motivates the people close to us, especially during times of change.

While a cash bonus motivated someone before they began working remotely, a day of paid leave may be just what they need to be more motivated. The gist is that we should know what motivates people close to us rather than operate on assumptions.

Motivational Styles

Motivational styles fit into one of these three groups:

Intrinsic motivation

Internal drives are intrinsic motivation. Use intrinsic motivation, for instance, when you are motivated to finish a task because it is consistent with your personal beliefs. If you volunteer at a local food bank because you enjoy giving back to the community, you are probably highly motivated by intrinsic factors.

Extrinsic motivation

An incentive to act comes from outside sources like rewards or praise. It pushes you to accomplish goals to receive benefits such as a promotion, raise, bonus, or award.

Family motivation

Not everyone is passionate and motivated about their work. Luckily, there is a way to compensate: Think about your family. Family can be a vital source of inspiration — even for those who do not feel intrinsically or extrinsically motivated to do something.

Within these three motivation groups are eight types of motivation.

Types of Motivation

Incentive motivation

Incentive motivation occurs when you are inspired to do a task because of the possible benefit. People motivated by incentives frequently do not pay attention to the steps involved in reaching a goal if they receive the reward. You may increase your job advancement and earning potential by using incentive motivation. If you desire a raise, motivating yourself to reach your production or sales objectives might be as simple as seeing the higher standard of living you could achieve with the extra money.

Achievement motivation

This drive involves carrying out duties to accomplish predetermined goals. If you are motivated by success, you probably care more about committing to a vision and achieving a goal than winning prizes.

Power motivation

The person likes acting on things that make them the sole determining factor of what happens. They invest hundreds of hours in building their company or become an expert in the field in which they work because they know that 'knowledge is power.' Sometimes someone wants to 'lead' rather than to have 'power over others.'

Fear motivation

Fear of unfavorable outcomes, including job loss, promotion, litigation, and position stagnation, may motivate people to avoid an unpleasant situation. Even if it's not always healthy or long-lasting, motivation based on fear can work in the short term. Be careful, however! This can go from healthy and motivating to being unhealthy and demoralizing.

Affiliation motivation

Collaboration and acceptance by others inspire a person motivated by affiliation. You may use this urge as motivation to participate actively in social group settings.

Competence motivation

This form of motivation encourages people to become highly skilled at what they do, enabling them to specialize in essential areas of their work. These experts include neurosurgeons, aeronautical designers, engineers, and other specialists who respond to specific challenges using their problem-solving abilities. Applying their expertise where it will have the most significant impact motivates this group of individuals.

Attitude motivation

This is the motive that pushes someone to alter the opinions or views of others. People with attitude motivation want to improve their social engagements and connections with others. It focuses on making those around you feel better about themselves and you.

Expectancy motivation

According to this psychological theory, people are driven by the belief that their efforts will produce the desired outcomes. It gauges the extent to which you are urged to work toward achieving a goal because you believe you will be rewarded for taking a specific action. This motivation focuses on the idea that you should choose activities in which you are confident you will achieve the desired goals.

In the business world, employees must be both internally and externally motivated. The best type of motivation for employees is what works; however, with these types of motivation, employees typically respond well.

• Reward-based motivation

• Attitude motivation

• Fear-based motivation

• Creative motivation

• Achievement motivation

• Competence motivation

• Power motivation

Do you know what motivates the individuals close to you? Are you sure their situation has not changed – thus their motivations too?


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