An obvious point that took me way too long to a... - on Twitter

An obvious point that took me way too long to appreciate: in software engineering, you should probably optimize for speed even when you don't have to, because it's one of the easiest/best ways to prioritize subtraction and parsimony in the solution space.

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Definitely a hard lesson for many. It's a case of "letting the great be the enemy of the good". I would also argue that designing "mobile first" is a good way of forcing constraints that make you think very hard about boiling down the experience to the bare essentials.
It's not done when you can't add any more; it's done when you can't take any more away.

Great point about why simplification early in a business or tech is important. People naturally want to add when problem solving rather than subtract so starting with the most basic solution sets you up for the most success long term.