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Unit Economics

Live Music Jukebox

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Introduce Juke to music venues!

As part of our go to market strategy, we need to get Juke installed in as many venues as possible. Those venues can then take on the legwork of making sure musicians are using Juke during the shows at those venues. If all goes well, those musicians will then help carry Juke to other venues creating a growth flywheel.


If you have connections to any music venues, we'd love to meet them. You can email Griffin@juke.band with details or just send over an introduction email with griffin@juke.band copied.

over 1 year ago

USAF Veteran. MBA. @ I am a recent MBA grad, concentrating on Technology and Operations.

Griffin, do they have to be in Indiana? Most of my connections are in Washington where I co-hosted a local music podcast in the Sea-tac area. I'll reach out to some of my old friends and see if they're into it.

next_week  Griffin Eaton asked for help with Introduce Juke to music venues! • about 2 years ago

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