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Unit Economics

Live Music Jukebox

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Intro to Event Organizers (or 1 degree away) at Walmart for the FORMAT Music Festival

The Sam Walton heirs are organizing this event blending Music + Tech + Art.

We would love to be able to speak with the organizers to learn if there is an opportunity for us to participate.



Warm email intro would be great!

over 1 year ago

Community @ Kovo

I saw online that this event is managed by C3 Presents – I would recommend getting in touch with this team too.

Short of a warm intro email, you could reach out directly to info@c3presents.com with a pitch. I've found success in this strategy in the past by using an interesting subject line and keeping the email content succinct. Happy to help craft it with you.

over 1 year ago

Chief Genie @ WorkGenie

Roya Sachs of Triadic is listed as the co-curator in the WSJ write-up. She has messaging open on her LinkedIn profile. Have you considered reaching out?

FWIW, I sent her an in-mail asking if she’d be open to an email intro.


Tim Connors core team
over 1 year ago

Founder, MD @ PivotNorth Capital

@Anthony Soohoo

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Deadline: Wed Jun 1, 2022 (over 1 year from now)