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Unit Economics

Co-living Matching for Home Owners

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Guaranteeing rent and rental insurance

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CoLife creates co-living relationships between homeowners and fantastic, vetted guests based on common values and living styles.


We want to offer a rental guarantee to homeowners as a feature of the CoLife platform.

We'd like to talk to anyone who can advise on the regulatory environment, and/or recommend insurance contacts, and/or advise on industry norms for rental guarantees.

11 months ago

Innovation Associate @ Greystar

Take a look at security deposit alternatives such as Jetty. https://www.jetty.com/

11 months ago

Innovation Associate @ Greystar

there is a lot of innovation occurring in the security deposit and rental payments space

12 months ago

Which cities are you planning to operate? Real Estate guidelines are usually locked by state and very specific states overlap. NY for example has pretty specific and strict rules - like rental insurance as a requirement in some leases. For 3rd party guarantor services, the NY market usually uses one of the three: Rhino, The Guarantors, and Insurent.

Tim Connors core team
over 1 year ago

Founder, MD @ PivotNorth Capital

@Lerk-Ling Chang

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