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Insurance for egg-freezing services that are independent of employer and job status. Egg-freezing is seen as an elective procedure and rarely covered by insurance. It is also not a cheap process. Could we create a service and/or product to further empower women in their reproductive choices, especially in the current climate where our reproductive rights and autonomy are being attacked ?

Suggested by Tanya Smith for Unmet Needs on Oct 17, 2021

Upvoted by Brett Wischow


about 2 months ago

Scientist | Innovator | Company Founder | Tech Entrepreneur | CEO @ City College of New York

Hey Ann

I did not know about Carrot Fertility. Thanks so much for enlightening me 🙂

3 months ago

Operations, Strategy & Culture @ Coterie

Have you checked out the startup Carrot Fertility? They are a new model for accessing fertility services for a range of use cases.