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Quantum Computing delivery varies across H/W implementations IBM, Rigetti, Psi Quantum, Xanadu, D-Wave, all have disparate hardwares. Each H/W vendor has their own way implementing standard gates. Consequently, IBM may implement some gates in a way suited to their hardware, and Rigetti has another gate set. This leads to developers being tied down to a H/W stack. If there was an API that was the interface across all the various hardwares. This API could hide the gate choices of various H/W vendors, which could be a great tool for developers. It could be the easier way to develop Quantum apps, and prototype for Quantum Computers. Apps which use Quantum Machine Learning(QML), Drug discovery, Image recognition, and Chemistry all use the same consistent API hiding the hardware implementations. "One (Quantum)API to rule them all and entangle apps and bind them..".

Suggested by RM Ravi Minhas for Unmet Needs on Sep 14, 2021

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