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#Do-good, get paid - a marketplace for people to donate money to specific causes (park cleanup, river cleanup, etc.) and gig workers to make money completing those tasks.

Suggested by Brett Wischow for Unmet Needs on Jun 9, 2021

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{"ops":[{"insert":"Good core to the idea. Many loose groups of people already get together and do things like park/river/creek cleanups as well as other projects for the public good (e.g. the Incredible Edible Projects worldwide as well as community gardens in general). Volunteerism is strong in many communities but so many of those volunteers pay out of pocket for things (supplies) that a marketplace could support. Further, gig workers could make inroads in areas with high-wage earners who have more money than time and would like to donate to some local causes. I like the idea a lot.\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"Is this a better version of an HOA?\n"}]}