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How many missed opportunities have there been because someone doesn't have a degree, primarily a Ph.D.? There are not enough Innovation Centers or Think Tank opportunities for individuals who want to brainstorm and create products, opinions, or solutions on different subjects. People want to be a part of something, both young and old, and bring their experience and ideas to a solution that can help their communities, countries, or globally. For example, an idea or thesis is created on this platform, and five people like it or comment. There is an opportunity to bring those five individuals into a Think Tank team and spend two to four works creating a solution and creating a white paper for publishing with some guidance from the organization. Their input could make the next start-up or provide a new direction that researchers haven't considered. With the online tools we have today, more collaboration is easy, just underutilized.

Suggested by DB David Barnet HMCS(Ret) for Unmet Needs on Aug 28, 2021

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Lissette Arias core team
5 months ago

Head Of Design at Platform Venture Studio @ Platform Venture Studio

@David Barnet HMCS(Ret) Can you help me understand how, in your opinion, is a lack of a PhD a factor in the missed opportunities?

Jeremy Burton core team
5 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

@David Barnet HMCS(Ret) - this is more or less what we're doing on Platform, albeit in a hand-curated way currently.

When an Unmet Need starts to have legs, we typically bring a call together of the interested participants to help ideate and move it forward.

As we scale, we'll make this more automated - e.g. one an Unmet need gets 10 upvotes and 5 comments, we'll automate the creation of a group to discuss it.