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AI projects for b2b use cases. The big companies I work with often have a data/AI need but sometimes its really more of a feature they are looking for than a product. Current use cases include 1. Data from Optical sensors 2. Low Code/No Code software, analyzing where in a large company with tons of legacy code where to use it 3. Sweethearting, preventing retail employees from not scanning products and giving to their friends 4. Ordering flowers in an upscale retail store chain when they are getting a little wilted. All of these are real life use cases for AI and at least in my mind they dont quite fit a startup but also don't want to do a custom project either.

Suggested by RD Ronald Drabkin for Unmet Needs on Aug 24, 2021

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Jeremy Burton core team
5 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

Interesting. Perhaps the truism about AI/machine learning is at play: 99% of the job is getting and cleaning the data needed to train the model and only 1% is actually true AI/machine learning?

Then, there's the massive gulf between having a model and actually productizing it in a useful, actionable way.

It seems more like a consultancy opportunity more than a product or startup opportunity.

@Pedro Alves probably has an opinion here too.

5 months ago

Customer Acquisition Fixer for Early Stage Startups @ Self Employed

Indeed. Maybe that is the point? I have some corporates asking me for solutions, but it really doesn't seem like a product fits a lot of them. But it seems they are thinking there is a product for each.