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Center of Excellence Discovery – Often the best, most driven, energetic technical talent can be found working in the periphery of the limelight of well-established academics and founders. For deep tech start-ups especially; finding and recruiting early career talent before they hit the job market could mean the difference between success and failure. Desired is a 'Center of Excellence Reconnaissance' tool to enable venture builders to map the topology of a technical domain in order to discover burgeoning talent.

Suggested by PA Patrick Astarita for Unmet Needs on Aug 17, 2021

Upvoted by Jeremy BurtonDB David Barnet HMCS(Ret)MR Mike Rodman


5 months ago

Product Architect @ Astarita Research

I think a solution might be building a 'radar' for talent— a skuemorphic tool for having potential candidates 'on the radar'

A beachead opportunity could be a dashboard-tool for technical recruiters

Jeremy Burton core team
5 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

Interesting - I definitely have some personal experience on the data science side here. Specifically, working with academic teams interested in our dataset and, through that, working with PhD students that I made offers to when they were on the market.

Also feels a little related to something that @John Henry and I discussed this week.