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#American Dream 2.0 - the American Dream is broken due to low social mobility. How do we fix it?

Suggested by Jeremy Burton for Unmet Needs on Jun 9, 2021

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5 months ago

Brand & Strategy Consultant @ DBH Consulting

I read Hillbilly Elegy a few years ago and it's still a worthwhile read on this topic. The Brookings Institute touches on some important issues regarding social mobility here

Hire a hillbilly -- the easy thing to say but the difficult thing to do unless you're also going to mentor that hillbilly into a successful career. OTOH, paving a path so that someone with roots in poverty can have the social mobility needed to achieve more -- THAT is something possible but requires focused efforts during early childhood and continued opportunities into adulthood. At the high school level, adolescents are still a bundle of high potential and with mentoring, paid internships, scholarships, and social support, they can vault into another level of success beyond that which their families have achieved before

+ Mentorship programs

+ Paid internships

+ Scholarships

+ Consistent social support

Jeremy Burton core team
5 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

Great points. @Brett Wischow @Lissette Arias these points feel very related to the other ideas we've discussed.

I have cued-up Hillbilly Elegy on Blinkist.