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Individuals maintain their own self generated data / privacy when going-online and the ability to sell this directly to buyers who can monetize it.

Suggested by CC Christopher Ciaravino for Unmet Needs on Jul 16, 2021

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5 months ago

Software Product Designer @ Slash Design Ltd

(Is this what Tim Berners-Lee is doing, with Inrupt/Solid?)

6 months ago

Managing Partner @ The Grip Group

Thanks for the mention/link @Jeremy Burton-FIR. Guilty as charged. If anyone is interested in hearing more, or, better yet, helping and advising, please do reach out. Love to chat. We have a working system in BETA (MVP) and generating some great user feedback and incredible consumer-generated, zero-party data.

Jeremy Burton core team
6 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

@Trae Nickelson has worked on various versions of this for a while. YouData, Sponster, etc.