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A better yelp for food built for a delivery-first world

Suggested by FK Francis Kim for Unmet Needs on Jul 13, 2021

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Jeremy Burton core team
6 months ago

CEO / Founder @ Platform

@Francis Kim - it seems like some of the delivery providers are adding more Yelp-like functionality into their products and pushing harder to get ratings after deliveries.

Are you thinking this would be an aggregator of multiple delivery providers and ultimately able to play them off against each other?

6 months ago

What's Next @ Various Startups

A few things here. I think Yelp is ripe for reinvention. A lot of what they do feels stale, and their reliability as a recommendation engine still feels spotty. The specific disruptive opening right now is that their UX is so geocentric. You literally browse for restaurants on a map. I think there are a number of ways to make a more engaging restaurant browsing experience and a more engaging rating experience, but that's a longer discussion.

To answer your question, yes, the idea is to sit above the delivery platforms and be the best platform for ratings and recommendations across all of them. Yelp is doing a terrible job at that, and the delivery platforms, with their exclusive virtual restaurants and exclusive partnerships, will never have a complete view of the marketplace. Delivery is only getting more fragmented as well. This is a funny take on why discovery across streaming services sucks so much. I think the same can be said about delivery platforms.