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The representation of Latinxs in board seats across Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies is in the negative digits, dropping. They’re the most underrepresented group while quickly becoming a non-minority in terms of population. How do we fix this problem?

Suggested by Lissette Arias for Unmet Needs on Jun 14, 2021

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4 months ago

What's Next @ Various Startups

What about a specifically for minority populations? An exclusive community of board members and board members to be? This can serve as a pipeline for board recruitment on one hand and as a talent development mechanism on the other. How do we prepare underrepresented populations to assume board roles to which they (by definition) have less exposure? More importantly, how can this community not only serve as functional board members but also as effective board advocates for ESG/DEI?

Lissette Arias core team
5 months ago

Head Of Design at Platform Venture Studio @ Platform Venture Studio

Again, I think the question should really be: How do we make people care about issues that don't impact them directly but indirectly are very detrimental to them and to the whole?