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An accessible solution to harvest fog and use this captured water not just for agricultural purposes, but also for human consumption. This problem/need is real for many parts of the world, including the west coast of the US, California. Existing Adaptation to Global Warming solutions can be found around the world but none has been adopted as a standard.

Suggested by Lissette Arias for Unmet Needs on Nov 15, 2021

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Lissette Arias core team
2 months ago

Head Of Design at Platform Venture Studio @ Platform Venture Studio

Opportunities for harvesting technology implementation

  • Relatively simple technology. Once established, it can be run by the community and little maintenance is required
  • Cheaper source of freshwater compared to some other non-conventional sources of water supply, such as desalination
  • Diversification of freshwater resources in areas where freshwater access is limited increases climate resilience
  • Materials for system components can often be sourced locally, creating local business opportunities
  • Fog water collection has emerged as an innovative technology for mountainous communities without access to traditional sources of water. Still largely in a state of development, there is opportunity for research and development into fog harvesting technology and its potential to support agricultural production. Given the lack of mesh suppliers, using locally available materials for component parts presents an opportunity for local business development. This technology also provides an opportunity to restore natural vegetation and support agricultural practices through the sourcing of clear water for crops and livestock.