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Sensor/AI based product for Menopause. I did a deep dive into Femtech and found a bunch of startups for both fertility and a surprising number for PCOS. Have not found anything tech forward around menopause (there are plenty of sites for menopause related supplements and so on, but nothing iOT related.)

Suggested by RD Ronald Drabkin for Unmet Needs on Oct 30, 2021

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3 months ago

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Winona is app where you can talk to docs and order supplements and hormones. Diagnosis is via a quiz and talking to a doc. No iOT, no sensor, no AI.

Examples of sensors/AI in other femtech verticals

Fertility -> iot bracelet that detects fertility via body temp -> blood finger test to detect hormones -> detection via body temp

Birth control -> hormone test to find best product

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3 months ago

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