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An accessible marketplace for the neuro-sensitive, offering curated products that protect your vision, hearing and nervous system from stress. Migraine, ADHD, Autism and other neurological disorders present real challenges for accessing the world. There is a growing vertical of custom products (Allay lamps, Theraspecs, Sleep headphones, etc.) yet no place to easy source them. I'm tinkering with a new platform (Refuge) that offers a dark-mode, accessible shopping experience for just this reason.

Suggested by AB Ann Boger for Unmet Needs on Oct 30, 2021

Upvoted by RD Ronald Drabkin


3 months ago

Global Sales @ Le Moyne College

Great idea making it easier and single sourced!

3 months ago

Customer Acquisition Fixer for Early Stage Startups @ Self Employed

that is a lovely idea