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Unit Economics

Efficient reverse logistics

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Ecommerce industry network connections

esg marketing ops


Can you make a connection for customer discovery to key individuals in the ecommerce space.

Titles such as:
Operations Manager/ Director of Operations/ VP of Operations/ COO
Directory of Supply Chain and Logistics
Director/VP of Sustainability

Not limited to these titles specifically. Anyone who has direct responsibilities with their warehouse/3PL, logistics (forward and reverse), or sustainability efforts.

I would also be interested in talking with marketing and sales individuals to get their perspective on how a better returns solution can be used a sales tool to drive conversions.

Tim Connors core team
7 months ago

Founder, MD @ PivotNorth Capital

@Andy Downard

6 months ago

Senior Product Manager @ Nacelle

my bad for missing this, Tim. I was just browsing thru platform for the first time in a while and I saw this. I'll do whatever I can to help Brian. I replied to a recent post of his above.

next_week  Brian Taylor asked for help with Ecommerce industry network connections • 7 months ago

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