The Venture Capital Index Fund

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Marcelino Pantoja (founder-in-residence)
CEO / Co-Founder

Hannah Dopico (core team)
Founder Associate

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Lissette Arias Brett Wischow Hannah Dopico

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 The Unmet Need

Venture capital has delivered the biggest returns of any asset class over the last 30 years, but only high net worth individuals and sophisticated foundations have had access to it.

Those that get access pay huge fees and carry for late stage access. Despite the barriers, demand has far outstripped supply and companies end getting overfunded once they achieve unicorn status.

Furthermore, many of the venture capitalists who control late stage funds are not interested in ESG considerations, limiting the ability for venture to be a force for good.

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  • Platform Cohort 2022
3 milestones complete
37 milestones to go

Measurement is in Stage 3: Validation

info_outline In Stage 3, we are building an MVP, driving initial user growth, rapidly iterating based on user feedback, and tracking unit economics and other KPIs.