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Marcus Tetwiler (founder-in-residence)
CEO / Co-Founder

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Lissette Arias Josh Burkwist Brett Wischow Claire Hernandez Anthony Mistretta Jake Sweatman Kristi Koistinen Charlie Donnelly Phil DrexlerDL Daniel Leal-BruceAO Alexander Orth + 1 more

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 The Unmet Need

Gen Z knows there are big problems. That’s why 26 million voted in 2020 casting more votes than any other 18-29 age group in US election history.

Today there are 20 million Gen Z voters who haven't made a political contribution. Political candidates depend on campaign contributions to successfully run for office and the insider’s game, money in politics, leaves young people and the values they care about neglected year after year.

Sprinkle is a contributor platform made for a modern audience giving each user the power of a grassroots movement in ~60 seconds or less. Sprinkle empowers a new class of contributor to give a little bit of help, wherever their voice is needed, to candidates who align with their values & personal preferences.

35 milestones complete
11 milestones to go

Sprinkle is in Stage 3: Validation

info_outline In Stage 3, we are building an MVP, driving initial user growth, rapidly iterating based on user feedback, and tracking unit economics and other KPIs.

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