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Unit Economics

#My Field Trip

Learner-driven adventures start here

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ZM Zahra Majeed (founder-in-residence)
CEO / Co-Founder

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 The Unmet Need

Field trips offer a goldmine of opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve academic and career goals, yet most K-12 learners miss out. Access to transformative field learning experiences has declined over the last twenty years due to administrative burdens placed on teachers and school leadership, budget constraints made worse by inflation, and liability risks. The Pandemic made all too clear the urgent need to connect our K-12 learners back to each other and the outside world; it also opened our eyes to the possibilities of using tech to solve problems of access.

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18 milestones to go

My Field Trip is in Stage 2: Research

info_outline In Stage 2, we are fleshing-out potential solutions, researching competitors, building clickable mock-ups, interviewing potential customers, and testing audiences.

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