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#Gig Benefits

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Flexible benefits for the new economy

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Gig Benefits is in Stage 2: Research

info_outline In Stage 2, we are fleshing-out potential solutions, researching competitors, building clickable mock-ups, interviewing potential customers, and testing audiences.

 The Unmet Need

The "gig economy" is rapidly becoming simply "the economy". 1 in 3 Americans now works in the gig economy.

However, benefits have not caught up. The benefits industry is locked into selling benefits through employers - their whole service delivery model, sales structure, etc is locked into the employer/employee model. Gig workers are often not employees, and they have multiple jobs.

This means that gig workers cannot get much-needed benefits.

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person  CEO / Co-Founder:  Rilwan Lawal (founder-in-residence)

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How the Pandemic Popularized Gig Work and the Gig Economy

A look at how and why the gig work and the gig economy has been flourishing throughout the pandemic. Learn where the opportunities are.

Move Over Gig Economy: Why the U.S. is Ready for a Flex Labor Economy – InsideSources

When the concept of the gig economy was first introduced in the United States, it was meant to serve as a springboard for workers to make extra income as

Uber and Convoy vets land $5.3M for new startup Solo that helps gig workers make more money

Gig economy companies such as Uber, Instacart, goPuff and others have given workers a new way to earn money on their own schedule. But with that flexibility…

Former head of Mint raises $4.5M for Lean to give gig workers access to financial products – TechCrunch

Gig and independent workers have different needs than salaried employees when it comes to financial products. It’s a challenge that Tilak Joshi, founder of Lean, became acutely aware of during his tenure as head of Mint and years as a product exec at American Express and PayPal. While the U.S. has seen a major shift […]

'Earned wage' startups winning over VCs with an ESG agenda | PitchBook

Venture capitalists are on the hunt for ESG-focused companies, prompting a surge of investment into startups offering earned wage access products, an alternative to traditional payday lending.

Uber proposes industry-wide gig worker benefits model in Canada

Uber Technologies Inc on Monday proposed a plan for a flexible benefits fund for app-based ride-hail and food delivery drivers in Canada under which all gig industry players would share data on workers' hours and earnings.

A huge number of Americans just became gig workers and we’re not ready

An astonishing one in three US workers does gig work now.

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{"ops":[{"insert":{"mention":{"index":"0","denotationChar":"@","id":"55567","value":"Rilwan Lawal"}}},{"insert":" Have you seen Icon Savings Plan? Retirement savings for gig workers and SMB "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":{"mention":{"index":"0","denotationChar":"@","id":"55567","value":"Rilwan Lawal"}}},{"insert":" - not sure how they compete with Stripe but interesting to see payments startups focusing specifically on the Gig Economy space: "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n"}]}