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#30 Wage

True housing affordability

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Dylan Breslaw

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 The Unmet Need

Working american families thrive if housing is affordable.

Affordability has long been established as the “Rule of 30%”; a family can thrive if they spend 30% or less of their income on housing.

In 1970, any American willing to work hard could take a job full time and spend less than 30% of income on housing.

Today, there are only two counties in America where minimum wage is high enough to meet the 30% rule. This one key metric shows why the American dream has died for so many, why so many more families are on government assistance, why hope has declined and addictions risen, why wealth disparity is at an all time high, and why taxes keep going up.


30 Wage is in Stage 2: Research

info_outline In Stage 2, we are fleshing-out potential solutions, researching competitors, building clickable mock-ups, interviewing potential customers, and testing audiences.