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Unit Economics

Making parties simple

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Looking for Hosts/ Parents, Party Planners, Vendors (Catering, Entertainment, Decor) to interview!


Hi all! I'd love to connect with any of the following you've got connections to for a short interview to gather insights.

- Hosts/ Parents of Parties:  Anyone who likes to host, or even hates to host (but has had to) parties for kids, holidays, events, etc. (outside of just weddings is ideal). Parents are definitely of interest, but I would love some working adults who also enjoy (or want to enjoy) hosting parties, gatherings, holidays, etc.

- Professional Event Planners: Someone who has made event/ party planning their career (or side hustle). Ideally, more than just weddings.

- Vendors: Caterers, entertainment, decor, cake- anyone you know who owns a small business in this area. Totally fine if they do weddings here, as most do.

Feel free to have them email molly@platformstud.io

Thank you!

6 months ago

Client Executive @ Hylant

I've got all of the above and happy to help anyone in need.

I've hosted hundreds of events, worked with many locations, vendors, etc. FYI this is mostly for professional gatherings of any type.

If you ever need help figuring this out, especially in Ohio, reach out and I'll be happy to help.

Zahra Majeed founder-in-residence
8 months ago

@Molly Hanten, what with my family working on my son's first birthday bash (mama's focused on all things Platform), I can really relate to this need! Happy to chat.

Are you able to get in touch with online mom's groups? Mine frequently has discussion threads going about party planning resources.

You might already be using Thumbtack to connect with party and events companies. It's a great way to quickly search and find operators in different parts of the country.

One of my husband's aunts started a nonprofit birthday party program with fiscal sponsorship from a church. It ran for about 10-15 years in the Albany, NY area and served children from several homeless shelters. Every month, she and her staff put on free birthday parties incorporating themes the kids got to choose. They had their playbook down really well, and the program continued even after she recently passed away. I wonder if there's a social support service like this that could be offered by your company to differentiate yourself from other party companies and expand on our "tech for good" mission?

Molly Hanten founder-in-residence
8 months ago

FIR Party in a Box @ "Party in a Box"

wow so funny- I was just looking at this and thought we could ty to add a donation to a kid who couldn't have a party that the kiddo shares a bday with with them : https://www.thebirthdaypartyproject.org/

Zahra Majeed founder-in-residence
8 months ago

That's such a great idea!

Molly Hanten founder-in-residence
8 months ago

FIR Party in a Box @ "Party in a Box"

thank you! excited to talk!

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