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Co-living Matching for Home Owners

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Is anyone a pro on carbon credits?

Every time we open a unit in an existing home (www.LetsCoLife.com, we match renters to owner occupied homes, usually a single person living alone in a 3 bed 2 bath house), we're reducing the need for more units to be built. Since construction contributes 40% of CO2 emissions, I'm wondering if we (or our homeowners) would qualify for carbon credits.

If anyone is a pro here and has a few minutes, I would love to chat!

18 days ago

CEO @ Shovels

I also have connections here and have thought a lot about residential carbon offset credits. It's a tricky problem -- you'd be in the voluntary offset market and CO2 prices are 5-10% of what they are in mandatory markets. Happy to chat and also refer you to others, particularly in the Work On Climate community, who are working on this!

Try reaching out to the folks at Carbon Direct. They are experts in this field

about 1 month ago

Product Founder

Hey @Derek Snook,

I've done more work with renewable energy credits [RECs] than carbon credits (sometimes but not always the same as carbon offsets -- context is key).

You're right to think that there is money in these types of credits. I worked with ConEd's Clean Energy Business and can confirm this is how utilities make significant returns. They essentially have a multi-sided business model: revenue generation based on willingness to pay [WTP] but it's a regulated monopoly..., depreciation of assets (PP&E), tax credits (i.e. RECs), and financing rates to lever cashflow/profit/etc. A lot of this can be applied to real estate-type businesses if done right -- I have some rental property and can attest to this.

Here are some good reads to upskill on this fast:

  1. 3 Steps to Sell Carbon Credits: Make Money Saving the Planet!
  2. Carbon Credits vs Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): What’s the Difference?
  3. How to Acquire Carbon Offset Credits

Happy to chat further. I have thoughts on leveraging a multifaceted business model for CoLife.

Tim Connors core team
about 1 month ago

Co-Founder & Founding Investor @ Platform Venture Studio

@Paul Shahriari @Kathleen Egan

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