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How do I effectively build a shortlist of companies to consider for a remote dedicated server to be used as a database/REST API?



I'm on the hunt for a dedicated server that will be running a MySQL database and Express server, most likely on a Linux instance. I've considered using a bigger company like GCP, AWS, Azure but have found that they tend to be a bit overpriced/ may be overkill for what we need. I've began exploring some smaller companies, most of which are referenced on https://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/web-hosting-prices/.

Some things to note:
- At the moment, we are using Firestore, a Firebase product, as a database. It also provides a socket-like real-time updating system.
- I would like to switch to MySQL since the current database schema is built in a relational manner and will allow me to batch-read data.
- We currently have a maximum of around 200 concurrent socket connections on a busy day.
- We need to consider scalability.

All help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

21 days ago

VP Engineering @ Blueboard


Tim Connors core team
24 days ago

Co-Founder & Founding Investor @ Platform Venture Studio

@Arin Sarkissian

about 2 months ago

Researching my next Startup

Hi - check out this link. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a setup that didn't meet your performance and pricing needs. (Also being so pervasive there's lots of people with admin experience with aws) - https://aws.amazon.com/rds/mysql/pricing/

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