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Unit Economics

#Grant Fundraising

Making grant fundraising accessible to all

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Nonprofit Development: Grant Sourcing and Writing, Foundations, Networking

esg policy research

We're researching nonprofit development across a wide range of strategic approaches, and we need your help! If you're involved in nonprofit development from a grant writing or strategic perspective or work for a foundation or government agency that funds nonprofits, we would love to hear from you. Additionally, if your company sells products or services primarily to nonprofits, particularly if those products or services are used directly by organizations to meet their mission-related goals, we would love to connect with you too.


We're looking to have 30-60 minute conversations about the subjects listed above, and we've prepared some questions intended to better understand related needs, challenges, and opportunities. We're open to receiving all views and opinions and are approaching these conversations with the intent to spend most of our time listening and learning. Our only assumption is that funding nonprofits is difficult and time consuming and that there may be some really cool ways to alleviate some of the resulting headaches.

6 months ago

Founder and CEO @ LWYL Studio, LLC

Happy to be interviewed. Have worked and raised grant monies for large national nonprofits, as well as state and local. Happy to help and share what I've learned.

about 1 year ago

Professor Purdue Aeronautics and EMBA'23 Berkeley Haas @ Purdue West Lafayette

I have cumulative experience of writing 200 or so small big grants and winning 34 while reviewing many for a lot of countries. I would love to help in anyway my bandwidth allows

about 1 year ago

CEO @ Dead Games, Inc

I'm currently interested in this topic as well.

I founded a nonprofit and serve on the board of another. My company actually built the tech for them they use and we have found it is a lot of fun to build for mission-oriented causes.

I have a non-profit I know in my city, that would be a great candidate for a lot of grant funding, but knowing where to start with grants is pretty overwhelming for me.

about 1 year ago

Founder @ Sail to shelter

I am a current founder of a non-profit. This is my first go in the nonprofit world. I am finding it very very difficult and getting legal advice suggesting that maybe this isn't the way. It would be my pleasure to participate if it sounds like I could be helpful.

about 1 year ago

Founder/CEO @ Smarter Good

I founded and am CEO of a company that writes grants as a service. It's ten years old, employs 85 people and is profitable. www.smartergood.com. Let me know if you want to understand the space better - I've been leading nonprofits for 25 years and have coached dozens of social entrepreneurs.

about 1 year ago

CEO @ Dead Games, Inc

I may reach out to you about this! Is your email on the site?

about 1 year ago

Chief of Staff @ Commsor 🦕

I'm still in touch with the nonprofit I used to work with called Frontida Records. They have a small team dedicated to grant writing. Their product (electronic health record system) is also only used by nonprofits so far. Can help connect you with the cofounders. Connecting with you on LinkedIn so we can DM each other

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