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Unit Economics

Co-living Matching for Home Owners

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Does anyone have a Linkedin, Facebook, or IG account that they don't use much and that they would be willing to let CoLife use (or even rent for a monthly fee)?

We're using accounts to reach out to folks and say things like the below. It's helping us acquire users in a big way. So far, of the accounts we've had that are real people, we've had no trouble. If you or someone you know has an account that we could borrow or rent, please let me know! Feel free to email me at derek@colife.fit.

"Hi name!

Adam is a super cool Citadel soccer coach that we’re helping find housing for (https://app.letscolife.com/profile/guest/c9431bf8-1180-4be2-a4db-a10a6fa68016). Would you or someone you know be interested in renting a room in your home to him?



4 months ago


Happy to help if still looking for accounts

10 months ago

Founder @ CultureLancer

IF still looking I have a few unused IG accounts.

about 1 year ago

Professional Coach and Trainer @ Recruiting Like a Boss

Would you be able to use a Facebook account I deactivated a couple years ago?

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