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Unit Economics

Smart Truck Routing

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Saurabh Jaiswal (founder-in-residence)
CEO / Co-Founder

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DL AP + 1 more

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Live at: https://www.smarthaul.ai/ open_in_new

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 The Unmet Need

Truck drivers can drive 11 hours a day but drive on average for 5 due to inefficiencies in matching orders and drivers.
Assigning one driver to a long route limits speed to an average of 30mph due to the regulatory limit of 11 hours max driving per 24 hours.
Truck drivers spend a lot of time away from home, leading to strain on relationships.

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SmartHaul is in Stage 3: Validation

info_outline In Stage 3, we are building an MVP, driving initial user growth, rapidly iterating based on user feedback, and tracking unit economics and other KPIs.

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